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Measuring Equipment


We supply measuring tools, industrial microscope, tester equipment, weighing equipment and all types of oven.

Measuring tools includes precision square level, box type V, precision flat level, minimum level NT and more. Besides industrial microscope and accessories, we also supply fiber optic illuminator, high quality magnifier lamp and fluorescent industrial lamp. Tester equipments include push pull testers, digital force gauge, load testing stand and termo-hygrometer.

We supply weighing equipment like precision desktop scale, bench scale, electronic weighing scale with printer, crane scale, digital counting scale and digital weighing scale. We also supply all types of oven such as forced convection vertical oven, desktop oven, heating and drying oven, vertical circulation oven, natural convection oven, incubator, vacuum oven and heat furnance.
Measuring Equipment   Measuring Equipment   Measuring Equipment
Measuring tools   Microscope   Tester equipment
Measuring Equipment   Measuring Equipment    
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